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Download is not essential for Windows 10/8/7/XP and will often cause problems . Click here to see what php-cgi is doing, and how to remove Use the command shown below to create an IIS FastCGI process pool which will use executable for processing PHP requests. Replace the value of. Fast steps to configure IIS in Windows as Fast-CGI: 1. . In order to run php scripts with CGI instead of under IIS, following steps can be   Troubleshooting PHP on - PHP Installer Tools on Windows - Install Requirements.

IIS6 CGI is typically 1 request -> 1 process. 15 concurrent PHP-CGI processes is likely due to 15 concurrent PHP-CGI requests. Or you've got a. 7 Apr Using Windows Task Manager - Processes Tab, we are seeing the one of up to ten (10) processes named peaking to about 60%. 5 Dec Ensure that FastCGI always recycles the processes before the native PHP recycling kicks in. The FastCGI process recycling.

Hello. Since a day or 2, my webserver running Windows Server R2 with IIS spawns a large amount of processes. NGINX can interface with PHP on Windows via a FastCGI daemon, which ships with PHP: You need to run -b and use . Well, starting PHP like that simply won't work. "" is not a native windows service, hence you get Error when you try to start it. If you are getting a decent amount of traffic that could be normal. PHP fCGI opens a new task for each request but also reuses currently open tasks to speed the. - original dll file, download here. One click to download this file. Repair your system.

23 Oct Run and hits a pop up dialog showing the following error To run PHP on Windows, you need to install Redistributable for Visual. php In order to spawn 4 php-cgi on tcp/ php/ 4. You may specify a config. 30 Dec Are you getting a HTTP Error about MSVCRdll when trying to setup php on a Windows machine? Check out this guide that to solve. Inexplicably, simply changing the trailing / to a # seems to fix the problem: php|phtml)$"> SetHandler "proxy:fcgi://#".


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